Why This Mom Works at Home

Work at home mom.

What if working from home could be real for you? Are your dreams bigger than yesterday’s achievements and today’s disappointments? Maybe it’s time to dream again?

Working at home can be a great fit for people who are self-motivated, hard-working, and positive. And the benefits are totally worth it! In my 15 years of working at home, here are some of the best benefits I’ve encountered:

  • Honor Your Own Priorities. I love working from home because I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to put first things first. Whether it’s picking my kids up from school or volunteering in my community, I have the ability to paddle my own canoe and define my own priorities. I can set a last minute lunch date or swing by the airport for coffee with a friend who’s passing through town. Best of all, I get to be there for those precious moments when my kids have stories to share or challenges they want to walk through and talk through together. That is priceless!
  • Enjoy Time Freedom. It is an awesome blessing to decide how to spend your time. Does your child need to go to the doctor? Do you prefer to work early morning hours? Do you need to travel to assist an elderly parent? Time freedom gives you the power to choose to be there for the people you love.
  • Make the Most of Tax Deductions. As a home business owner, your dedicated home office space, cell phone usage, and more can add up to sizable tax deductions on items that are integral for your business and effective at bringing your overall tax rate way down.
  • Pay Off Debt. Whether you choose to supplement or replace an income working at home, the additional income you bring in can allow you the ability to pay off debt and experience true financial freedom.
  • Experience Job Security. Working for myself allows my own work ethic to drive my business. I can give myself a raise by working harder and I certainly don’t have to fear getting laid off.
  • Cut Childcare Expenses. I’m a big advocate of social enrichment programs for preschoolers to help them develop the social skills to navigate in the world, but you can save a ton of money by not having to do 8am-6pm childcare. Time.com reports the national average cost of childcare per week as $196 for one child…that’s at least $784 per month per child. Ouch! This doesn’t even factor in the lost time, memories and experiences from only getting to be with your child 2 or 3 hours at most per day.
  • No Commute. Need I say more? According to the US Census Bureau, the average North American commute to work is 25.4 minutes…and that’s just one way. Factoring in a 2 week annual vacation, to work 5 days of the week for 50 weeks of the year, dropping the commute gives you back over 200 hours per year (not to mention the money you save on gas!). WOW!! Could that make a difference in your quality of life? For sure! Sleeping, exercising, eating right, investing quality time in relationships actually become doable again.

So maybe it’s time to dust off that successful vision of yourself? Maybe it’s time to go for your dreams?

For help in identifying real work at home, you’ll love my blog article & free download here: Finding Real Work At Home.

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