Rich Mom, Poor Mom

Could something you don’t know be hurting you?

In a word, yes.

One recent Friday night while en route to an activity with my little 4-year-old son, I received a call from my middle schooler urging me to come back for him so I could drop him off at a friend’s house to hang out. As a single mom of three sons, I sometimes forget to center myself in rest and peace and instead just run around like a frantic cab driver. This was one of those times. I got off the phone and tried to make a left turn just south of a very busy intersection in order to head back home. I thought I was clear and cars had even left a space for me to cut through…only I didn’t see oncoming traffic coming at full speed in the far right turn lane. CRASH! My vehicle? Totaled. My pride? Hurt. My body? No injuries (for me or my son), thank God.

What I didn’t see definitely hurt me. And the same thing is true of our dreams. What we don’t see or know about limits how big we can really dream for ourselves. What’s really possible anyway? Can a stay at home mom have a thriving career that makes real money? Can a single mom be a contributor and not just a drain? Can someone rise from the ashes of the financial and emotional ruin of divorce to be happy and alive again? Heck yeah!

As you look at the landscape of work at home possibilities, be on alert. All opportunities are not created equal. My 8 key factors of identifying real work at home can be a great place to start learning about what to really look for in something legit. An immediate red flag in any job is being asked for money upfront. Money for a job? No way. But let’s take a closer at this issue to a be a bit more discerning. Not all work at home offers are jobs. Some of them are an opportunities to own your own business. Sounds a little scary, huh? If you just want to have more movie nights and a little less month at the end of the money, having your own business may have never entered your mind before as a possibility. It sounds hard. Complicated. Like something you have to get on Shark Tank and do a presentation about.

But maybe there’s something you don’t know about owning your own business yet? Maybe knowing that thing could keep you from crashing?

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!, says there are four types of people in the world: Employees, Specialists/Self-employed, Big Business Owners, and Investors. He claims that those of us raised in middle class and poor homes were told to go to school, work hard, and save your money and that this is a formula to stay right where you are or to even go backwards financially.

Cashflow Quadrant

Which one are you? The “Employee” mindset is just seeking a safe, secure job with benefits. The “Self-employed” mindset is wanting to essentially go solo and own her own job. Kiyosaki asserts that both of those are the product of “Poor Dad” thinking…the kind of thinking that always leaves you with “not enough money” for what you want.

Why? How can that be? That even if you earn more, but stay in the same mindset, you will continue to bump into the same financial difficulties. Crazy!

Kiyosaki says it has a lot to do with how we define ASSETS and LIABILITIES. And that the poor and middle class frequently confuse the two, whereas the business owners and investors (with “Rich Dadthinking) focus on building their assets. Simply put, assets make money and liabilities take money. The big house, shiny new car, and vacation are all liabilities. One of the secrets of financial literacy is building assetsthat’s the key difference between having a job and owning your own business. It takes courage and time to run your own business, but what you get out of it offers so much more freedom, flexibility, and opportunity than the typical job. And, the reality is that businesses do cost money—you won’t be able to start a business of your own for nothing—but you can keep the costs very reasonable and steer clear of any large investment.

So, as you are considering work at home, if a job is asking for money upfront, you will want to run fast in the opposite direction, but if you have the ability and openness to consider owning your own business, a little money upfront may very well be the beginning of building an asset that will benefit your family for years to come. Check out the 8 key factors to know even more about finding real work at home.

I highly recommend a copy of the following two books. So go get them now.


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