Finding Real Work At Home

Finding Real Work At Home

One year into my emotionally destructive marriage, I had learned a new level of lonely. The kind of lonely that would go on a long time because I pretended it wasn’t there.

Instead of facing the lonely, I faced things like laundry, dishes, and balancing the checkbook. I had face to face discussions with my spouse at our kitchen table that felt like we were living in two totally different worlds.

Just a year before, I had been this career woman bringing in just 4 grand less than a six figure annual salary. And then I had my son. This urge to breastfeed and be there was overwhelming. How could I even imagine not being there for his firsts?

And I was able to be there for a while, letting my savings dwindle and listening to my husband tell me he wasn’t my provider or anyone’s.


It lit a fire under me.

I needed to find a way to follow through on my dream to be a stay at home mom and still provide for my little one at the same time.

I hopped online. I looked. I grew frustrated. I knew I didn’t want to make a fool of myself by choosing something that would be a waste of time. And I knew I wasn’t some goofy home party, pester your friends kind of person.

I needed something real. A solution.

I found it. The only home business I tried–thank the Lord–was one that really worked for me.

I’ve heard it said that the way people are trained to easily recognize counterfeit bills is to be deeply studying and knowing the real thing. Not studying the fakes. But knowing what it looks like when something is real.

In my work at home, I believe there are 8 key factors of the “real thing” that stand out to me and can help you in your search for real work from home as well.

The number one factor is Solid Credentials. BBB accreditation and a stellar rating are important. Reputable affiliations, honors and awards are also hallmarks of a company with integrity.

A second key factor is a Proven Track Record. Success leaves clues. Has the business stood the test of time? Viable businesses should improve over time and become even more compelling and beneficial.

The third factor was probably the most important and impactful for me personally and that is having an Experienced Support Team.  As you learn about the company, do you get to speak with a real, live person who is timely and professional? Does the company offer a culture and compensation plan that rewards effective mentoring?

And especially important when weighing work at home opportunities is the fourth factor of No Large Investment. Your primary investment into work at home is actually the most valuable asset you have—your time. Work at home doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to have powerful earning potential.

For more tips on recognizing the real thing when it comes to work at home, download all 8 key factors to seek out.

I may even reveal what I believe to be the best work at home opportunity.

Mary Lee     Mary Lee

“Strength and dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure; And she smiles at the future [knowing that she and her family are prepared].” -Proverbs 31:25 AMP

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